Collection: Short Sleeve Down Jackets For Every Occassion

Our flagship short-sleeve down puffer jackets are exclusively designed by LSdesigns, cut with a fabulous fit for all sizes and shapes in your favorite colors for all seasons. You'll love the cropped lengths in select styles. Shop our sleeveless vest as well.

Our Reviews

"I love, love, love these short sleeve down jackets! They go with everything and pack down to nothing. I wear them everywhere...meetings, parties, dinners, walking, hiking, skiing, and around the house when I'm cold! Washable, too!"

-Marcia Morgan

"I love these unique short sleeved puffy vests. LSDesigns does an awesome job of offering different styles and colors. The Laurie was my first purchase. Added The Kelly B and The Leti soon after, as cold Montana winters just feel better with a hood! Looking forward to adding the new Aimee to my outdoor adventures, but first have to decide which color to choose."

- Jane Kay

"These short sleeve jackets are the perfect way to add warmth and style to any outfit. I wear my Kelly B jacket almost every morning while sipping my coffee at my desk. While I wear my maroon Laurie for more formal outings. Highly recommend checking them out."

- Sarah Macrander