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"I love, love, love these short sleeve down jackets! They go with everything and pack down to nothing. I wear them everywhere...meetings, parties, dinners, walking, hiking, skiing, and around the house when I'm cold! Washable, too!"

-Marcia Morgan

"I love these unique short sleeved puffy vests. LSDesigns does an awesome job of offering different styles and colors. The Laurie was my first purchase. Added The Kelly B and The Leti soon after, as cold Montana winters just feel better with a hood! Looking forward to adding the new Aimee to my outdoor adventures, but first have to decide which color to choose."

- Jane Kay

"These short sleeve jackets are the perfect way to add warmth and style to any outfit. I wear my Kelly B jacket almost every morning while sipping my coffee at my desk. While I wear my maroon Laurie for more formal outings. Highly recommend checking them out."

- Sarah Macrander